A Guide to Junk Removal

A Guide to Junk Removal

Did you know that we produce the most waste in the whole wide world?

A recent study found that each Canadian produces an estimated 36.1 metric tons of waste, putting us at the top of the list.

But here’s the good news: whether you are moving homes, doing a spring clean up or renovating your home, junk removal companies in Toronto can help you dispose of all the waste quickly, efficiently and safely.

They are like a moving company, but instead of moving your belongings from one home (or business) to another, a garbage removal company hauls away all the waste you no longer need.

Junk removal companies also offer their solutions to businesses including offices, retail stores and construction companies. If you have accumulated a substantial amount of junk that needs to be tossed, you can certainly benefit from hiring a junk removal company in Toronto.

What is Junk Removal?

Junk removal is a huge part of the decluttering process. Similarly, for construction companies, responsible disposal of construction debris is paramount.

Although you may discard some items in your neighborhood trash can or have the municipal dump truck haul some of the stuff for you, it may not be practical on many occasions. Moreover, they do not accept construction waste.

The other alternative is to pack everything up and load it into your car and take all the rubbish to the landfill yourself. However, if you have too much junk to discard, this can become a stressful task.

You will be spending a lot of time doing back and forth between your home and the landfill site. In such scenarios, hiring a junk removal company can be beneficial. Not only can you save time but also your energy that can be focused on things that are more important to you.

A junk removal company can make the entire process stress-free and hassle-free for you.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Junk removal companies offer a convenient service to help you clear out all the clutter from your home. A junk bin rental is especially useful when you want to:

Junk removal companies in Vaughan offer two types of services to meet your needs:

Dumpster Rental

This is one of the most popular and cost-effective options available to residents across Toronto. 

The dumpster rental company will deliver the bin for you to load it up at your convenience. Once you are done, simply call them to schedule a pick-up and they will haul it away for you.

Dumpster rentals are available in a range of sizes and you will be charged based on a variety of factors including the size of the dumpster, the duration you use it for, disposal charges and the weight of the garbage you are dumping.

Junk Removal and Hauling

This is a full-service solution whereby the garbage removal company will send their crew to your property along with the bin. The junk removal crew will load up the bin with all your junk and haul it away securely to the waste disposal site. As part of this service, they offer complete convenience and peace of mind. 

Things Junk Removal Companies Accept

Junk removal companies accept most household items. These items are typically segregated into the following categories: 

Things Junk Removal Companies Don't Accept

Although the list of items can vary from businesses to business, most garbage rental companies have a similar list of items they do not accept. Here are some of the things that junk removal companies do not accept:

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Toronto and Vaughan?

Owing to the wide array of services offered by junk removal companies, the cost of junk removal depends on a variety of factors such as dumpster size, type of junk, amount of junk and rental duration.

If you are looking for a fixed price quote, you must provide these details to your junk removal company. When you book your junk removal bins with GTA Bins, here’s what you can expect to pay: 

Every additional ton of garbage will cost you $99. Add to that a bin rental charge of $20 per day.

Let’s say you wanted to dispose of mixed garbage of up to 1 ton and wanted an 8-yard bin for 3 days. Based on the above rates, it would cost you $289 plus hst. Get in touch with our team for a customized price quote. 

Cheap Junk Removal in Toronto and Vaughan

If you are looking for junk removal in Vaughan or Toronto, get in touch with GTA Bins today. With over 12 years of experience in cheap junk removal across Toronto and Vaughan, we assure you of professional, reliable and cost-effective service. Get a quote!

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