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No, our bins have rollers on them so it will not scratch the driveway. We also place wooden planks under the bin as needed to make sure that your driveway never gets damaged.
Most of our bins take up approximately the same foot print as a regular full-size car. For specific bin dimensions check the “sizes and types” page.
You can orders a bin to be delivered within hours of the same day or you can schedule a delivery 30 days in advance.
We service Toronto, Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, MississaugaOakville, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Maple, Thorn hill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Nobletown, King city Aurora ,Newmarket, Caledon, Bolton, Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, Burlington, Milton, Stoufville.
Our company specializes in bin rental and to be cost effective and keep our prices down, we rent bins for self loading.
Please contact us for junk removal rates and availability.
Bins to be level loaded maximum and cannot be loaded over top. *Bins loaded over top will not be picked up and will result in additional pick up fee of $99.
Our narrowest bins are 5 feet wide. They are available in 4, 6 and 10 yard bins.
We accept major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, Debit/Interac, E-transfer, Cash, Checque.
We are only allowed to place bins on the street if a permit from the city has been obtained. Some local governments let bins to be placed on the street. Some don’t allow to occupy the street. You will need to obtain a Street occupation Permit for The City of Toronto. You can visit the Toronto City Website below for more information or call (416) 392-6593. Any fines and tickets incurred due to permit issues are the responsibility of the client.https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/building-construction/infrastructure-city-construction/construction-standards-permits/construction-permits/street-occupation-permit/
Clean fil or dirt gets recycled in an environmentally friendly way and then reused. It then gets used as screened top soil.
All our disposal bins and dumpster containers can be loaded up to top of the bin but not above. It is unsafe to have any garbage or waste above the rim of the bin and can result in the bin not getting picked up.
Construction waste arises in the course of construction or dismantling work which often includes:Broken brickGlassConcrete materialsExpanded clayCeramicsGypsumAsbestos cementVarious fragments of metalPieces of linoleumWoodDetails and elements of building materialsTimber from demolition and dismantling of buildingsSoil waste during earthworksSandConstruction crushed stoneWood, iron, and other materials used in the preparation of the construction sitePolyurethane dust when cutting panels with polyurethane insulationRoofing and insulation materialsTextiles for construction, consisting of two or three raw materials, contaminated with cement, concrete or mortarWooden formwork contaminated with concreteLinoleumPolymer roofing materialsPolymer pipesPolymeric anti-corrosion roll coatings to protect pipelinesbuilding materials based on polymers containing polyvinyl chlorideBituminous, tar, tar-bitumen, bitumen-polymer, rubber-tar and bituminous base materialsConstruction materials based on cardboard (roofing material, glassine, roofing felt)Glass-based building materialsPerlite-based mineral fiber ceiling tilesGypsum-based construction materials (panels and slabs for partitions, gypsum plasterboards, ventilation blocks)Building silicate materialsLime-based building materials (lime-sand, lime-slag and lime-ash materials)Chalk in lumpy formBentonite clayPuttyPlasterTileBuilding ceramicsCeramic pipesDry concrete mixCement in lumpy formCement-based tile adhesiveAsbestos cement productsConcrete products and concrete in lump formReinforced concrete products and reinforced concrete in lump formHardened mortar in lumpy formBuilding materials based on natural stoneGravelBuilding materials based on polypropylene, fiberglass and celluloseTools contaminated during construction and repair workCleaning material contaminated during construction and repair workDust of grinding of primed surfaces, containing alkyd, melamine resins
We do not require any special garbage collection licences but we have all the equipment and training to do all the work.
Yes, contractors and regular clients get discounts.Contractors get discounts by calling in our office (some approval required)Every 5th bin – 10% off for regular clients
If you do not know what bin to order, our bin pictures will help you understand the sizes of all bins. If still not sure, we can help to choose a bin size that would be right for your needs. Contact us and we will be happy to help.
Yes. Creation of an unauthorized landfill is an administrative offense. Individuals may be fined up to $1000.
If the garbage even lies on the ground for less than a day, it already becomes a dump, it must be liquidated may be fined up to $1000.
It depends on the type of construction waste. If cement and bricks , the number of bags will be less, if plastic, polymers and glass wool, it will be significantly larger.
Yes, we can do big size bins such as a 20 yard bin or a 30 yard bin for bulky waste and can charge by weight. Only pay for what you use. Let us know if you need special rates.
For the best quality control of the execution of your order. For example, In case a bin is overweight , we use the option to charge our clients for the extra weight.
Yes, we do accept electronics and appliances. Our bins are easily accessible with double doors so you can access any bin with less work
Yes. We are very environmentally conscious. We recycle 60% of your junk for you.
We charge by flat rates and the type of the waste. Please see the Prices page for more details.
Yes, we are donating items that are in satisfactory condition.
No, we can take the bin away and do not require anyone to be present. We do need the bin to be unobstructed and accessible.
We can either email or give a hard copy when the bin is dropped off.
Yes. We are fully insured and we are extra careful not to leave any damage to the driveway or leave any dents.
We are only allowed to place bins on the street if a permit from the city has been obtained. Some local governments let bins to be placed on the street. Some don’t allow to occupy the street. You will need to obtain a Street occupation Permit for The City of Toronto. You can visit the Toronto City Website for more information or call (416) 392-6593.
We can also pick up appliances, carpets, freezers, furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, TVs, yard waste, home renovation debris, drywall, patios, barbecues, decks, sheds and so much more.
Clean fill is soil that is being dug out. It can contain some grass or weeds that been dug out. Sometimes it contains small rocks that are found in the ground and sometimes roots. It should not contain any plastic, wood, glass, metal or other mixed garbage. Mixed waste is any other garbage except organic garbage, paint, tires, aerosol cans, cylinders and any other hazardous waste.
Contact your city’s waste disposal centre, or visit their website to find out where is a drop off depot closest to you.
It’s a bin used for collection of renovation, construction, home clean up, demolition, yard cleanup waste and more
The bin is overloaded if a waste pile is higher than the top of the bin. Waste should be evenly distributed and never be filled higher than the top of the bin height.
We are unable to remove hazardous items such as, toxic chemicals, solvents, asbestos, gasoline, unknown chemicals, pressurized tanks and any other toxic substances. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for clarification.
Our office hours are 7am-7pm Mon-Sat, but disposal bins can be ordered online 24/7. We will confirm the bin delivery within hours
Our bins are flat rate and we do not have any extra or hidden fees.
The overweight fee is $99 every additional Ton.
Yes our delivery fee within the city is $99 plus the cost of the materials delivered. We deliver gravel, crusher run, top soil, sand, mulch, other aggregates and materials.
A live load is when the driver stays with the bin and waits for the bin to be filled up to take away. 1 hour wait is included.