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No Need to Accumulate Garbage When Attested Rental Garbage Bins Are Available in Newmarket

GTA Bins is revolutionizing garbage bin rental Toronto and in Newmarket. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been striving to make the rental process more pleasant and less dreadful. Our authentic garbage bins are accessible whenever you need them and come with excellent customer service. Multiple bin options are available for your choosing, whether you need one for spring cleaning or a substantial project like construction.

Getting rid of garbage should not be too expensive. We believe that homeowners and business owners should have clean surroundings, and we take pride in providing affordable solutions to make that happen. We will deliver the bin you select at your approved location on time.

Garbage Bin Rental Newmarket and Other Services

You can rent our bins to dispose of any furniture you no longer use – a bed, couch, office desk, or storage cabinet. They are also ideal for any debris after construction or demolition projects, such as concrete, bricks, or soil. GTA Bins also diversifies service delivery to include the following.

What Can Be Damped in Our Disposal Bins Newmarket?


You can place your old computers, electronic gadgets like smartphones or tablets, earphones, fax machines, and similar devices.

Household Waste

Typical household garbage like food remnants, trimming from the yard or garden, damaged toys, torn clothes, boxes, or broken dinnerware are all safe for our garbage bins.


Our disposal bins can hold concrete, soil, rocks, bricks, or asphalt.


You do not have to worry about finding a disposal area for your old furniture, such as sofas, couches, filing cabinets, desks, or armchairs.

Construction Products

Our garbage cans can come in handy when you are renovating or building. You can place all the waste, like wood, drywall, and previously mentioned aggregates, in the bins for disposal.

Non-freon Appliances

Appliances with freon are not safe for our disposal bins, but non-freon ones are – they include fridges, washers, televisions, stereo sets, and stoves.

Garbage Bin Rental with A Professional Touch in Newmarket – Book Today

Having been in this business for over ten years, we know the value and importance of quality. Our garbage bins and services are stellar, assuring you of the absolute best. Affordable prices and transparency are part of our distinctive qualities. The convenience you get by renting our bins cannot be underrated – you can keep them close by until you finish cleaning up.

Get A Suitable Bin Size in Newmarket Today

The following bin sizes are available:

4-yard mini bins – suitable for small households

8-yard bins – for more garbage in smaller households

10, 12, and 14-yard garbage bins – perfect for relocations

20-yard waste bins – for contractors or construction projects

GTA Bins strives to deliver exceptional dumpsters to Newmarket residents conveniently. Quick deliveries by our crew enable us to achieve that. We have also invested in numerous bin options to facilitate various requirements. You can rent one bin for a day or multiple dumpsters for several days – we are here to cater to every need distinctly.

Why Choose GTA Bins?

Fully licensed and insured

Cheap bin rentals in Toronto

Choose from 6 different sizes

Driveway-safe dumpsters and bins

We work 7 days a week

Flat rates, upfront quotes

No hidden charges

Fast, friendly service

Eco-friendly disposal

5-star customer service

The Undisputed Garbage Bin Rental Company in Newmarket

You no longer have to spend a lot of time searching for rental bins nearby – GTA Bins provides the solutions you need affordably. Our disposal bins are available in Newmarket and other GTA cities.

GTA Bins Waste Removal.