Garbage, is it the new gold?

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How businesses make money using garbage?

There are plenty of benefits of upcycling recycled waste.

How can you treat garbage other than with dislike and disgust?  If you look at it through the prism of business interests, garbage, after its primary sorting, is an expensive raw material.  Lots of the everyday things we use and own are made of someone’s garbage that was recycled.

Developed countries have benefited from the upcycling of recycled waste for a long time.  Environmental scientists argue that about 70% of everything that is destroyed and thrown away during waste disposal can be returned to the production cycle, while saving both money and natural resources, which, as we know, are not unlimited. It is clear that paper, plastic, metal, and wood can be used in the production process more than once.

Thus, it becomes clear that practicing such an unattractive but necessary process as garbage disposal is a win-win. Moreover, garbage disposal is inexpensive

We do out part in participating in the recycling process. We separate and sort the material as much as possible.

GTA BINS encourages recycling by giving better pricing on our disposal bins in Toronto and Vaughan by giving discounts for materials not mixed.

We give better rates for bins filled with only dirt or bins with only concrete.

At GTA bins we recycle your waste for you. Join us in giving back to the community.

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