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    Whether you are planning a renovation project or a spring cleanup, rubbish removal is an important aspect to consider. Having a designated place to dump all the trash offers complete peace of mind whilst ensuring the place is clean.

    Through our bin rental services, we can take away all the stress of trash removal and disposal. We will deliver and pick up your dumpster rental at the scheduled time and dispose of all the junk safely and securely.

    However, if it’s your first time renting a dumpster bin, you may wonder where to start, what to consider or how to rent a garbage bin. In this post, we share some of the essential things to know before renting a dumpster. We also share our top tips to rent a bin. Let’s get started.


    Before you schedule your dumpster, it’s important to pick up the right spot for your bin. Remember, you are renting a dumpster to make things easy and convenient. So you want to place it in a spot that will improve efficiency whilst reducing problems with pick-up and delivery and accidents.

    When choosing a spot for your bin, check for obstructions or overhanging wires that can affect safe delivery and pick-up. As a general rule of thumb, make sure there’s a free space of at least 22 feet above the garbage bin. This way, you can avoid any unintended costs owing to complicated delivery and pick-up.

    It’s equally important to ensure you have enough space to access your property and remove the debris. Another aspect to consider is to ensure the delivery driver can make a 3-point U-turn when delivering and picking up your rental garbage bin.

    If you intend to place the rental bin on the street, you must get in touch with your local council to check whether you will need a permit to do so. You must find out if there are any regulations about how long you can place the dumpster on the street.

    So, you should take into consideration next points:

    • Pick up the right spot for your bin;
    • Make sure there’s a free space of at least 22 feet above the garbage bin;
    • Clarify whether you need to obtain additional permission to place the bin outside.

    Size Does Matter

    Size Does Matter

    When renting a garbage bin, size is an important aspect to consider. The size of the garbage bin has a direct bearing on the costs – the bigger the bin, the higher the cost.

    You don’t want to end up with a dumpster that’s too small for your needs. You may end up hiring a second dumpster later on or sending the bin back, delaying your project and adding to the costs.

    At the same time, you also want to avoid overweight problems. Your dumpster rental company may charge you if you dump more weight than covered by the size. Consider getting a dumpster that’s at least one size bigger than the one you are considering for your needs.

    Having said that, the size of the dumpster depends on the type of garbage you will be dumping.

    • Some materials like scrap metal, carpet and drywall can fill up the dumpster quickly.
    • On the other hand, items such as concrete, bricks, dirt, rocks and cement can add weight to the garbage bin.

    Gta Bins is your dumpster rental company in Toronto. We can help you choose the right size based on what you want to dump.  With us you can rent small 4 or 8 -yard bins, medium 10 or 12-yard bins and large 14 or 20-yard junk bins.

    Know What You Can and Can't Dispose of in the Bin

    <span>Know What You Can</span> and Can't Dispose of in the Bin

    Most garbage rental companies restrict the use of their bins for dumping mixed materials. Materials such as gravel and fill should not be mixed with other materials.

    You must also note that there are certain items you cannot dump owing to their hazardous nature.

    These materials include:

    • herbicides;
    • pesticides;
    • paint;
    • dead animals;
    • radioactive materials;
    • propane tanks;
    • asbestos;
    • motor oil;
    • sealed cylinders and barrels;
    • solvents;
    • flammable liquids;
    • fluorescent tubes and batteries.

    Dumping these hazardous materials is against the law.

    If you are thinking of rentibg a bin for garbage to dump hazardous waste, check with your provider if that’s legal and whether they accept such waste.

    Dumpster Rental Cost

    Dumpster Rental Cost

    The cost to rent a garbage bin depends on the size, rental duration and the garbage type:

    • the larger the bin, the higher the cost;
    • the longer you want to keep the bin, the more you will pay;
    • concrete garbage is cheaper than mixed junk.
    • dirt, clean fill and soil increase the cost of bin rental.

    You can get a personal quote and plan your budget. Just leave as a request and our consultants answer on how much the garbage bin rental cost.

    You can rent garbage bins at GTA Bins at these prices:

    The estimated cost of a small 4-yard bin for 5 days is between $230 and $270. The price is calculated for 1 ton of garbage.

    • The estimated cost of an 8-yard bin for 5 days is from $250 to $299. The price is calculated for 1 ton of garbage.
    • The estimated cost of a 10-yard bin for 5 day starts from $299. The price is calculated for 1 ton of garbage.
    • The estimated cost of a 12-yard bin for 5 days starts from $320. The price is calculated for 1 ton of garbage.
    • The estimated cost of a 14-yard bin for 5 days starts from $360. The price is calculated for 1.5 tons of garbage.
    • The estimated cost of a 20-yard bin for 5 days starts from $440. The price is calculated for 2 tons of garbage.

    For each additional ton you will have to pay $99.

    It’s a good idea to compare quotes from different garbage rental companies. However, don’t simply opt for the cheapest quote. You also must ensure that you are working with a reliable business that has your best interests in mind. You can view the cost of renting disposal bins at GTA BIns on our Pricing page.

    Choose a Professional Dumpster Rental Company

    Choose a <span>Professional</span> Dumpster Rental Company

    When renting a dumpster, the biggest thing to keep in mind is to work with a reliable and reputed dumpster rental company. In your search for a dumpster rental service, don’t ask “where can I rent a junk bin?” This strategy will lead you astray and you may end up choosing the cheapest quote or the first quote you receive.

    Instead, ask: can this company provide reliable and professional service for your disposal needs? What are their clients saying about their service? What kind of commitment do they have for their clients? Asking these questions will help you choose the right garbage rental company.

    Another important aspect to consider when choosing a dumpster rental provider is their disposal methods. Are they proficient at handling waste? Are they known to dispose of waste responsibly and safely? Check what their past customers have to say about their service and experience.

    Here at GTA Bins, we have been offering  garbage bins for rent in Toronto since 2010. Over the years, we have built a reputation for professional, timely and dependable service. We offer you renting gatbage bins in Toronto, Vaughan, North Park, Markham, Mississaugaand other GTA areas in Canada.

    The Right Equipment

    The Right <span>Equipment</span>

    This is an important aspect but very difficult to assess.

    The trash removal company should have all the necessary equipment and tools to provide a hassle-free, trouble-free service. Whether you choose a small dumpster or a huge one, handling them is no mean feat. It calls for reliable and professional hauling equipment. Moreover, a dumpster should have all the features you need for efficient cleanup.


    Keep these important aspects in mind when looking waste bins for rent. Whether you are renovating, building or decluttering, GTA Bins can provide a customized solution to suit your needs.

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      Please select the type of waste material.*

      Please select the bin size that you are interested in.*